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Beverly "Bev" Marsh ist eine fiktive Figur, die von Stephen King geschaffen wurde und eine der Hauptfiguren seines erschienenen Romans It ist. Die Figur wird als Mitglied des "The Losers Club" und als romantisches Interesse der Kollegen Bill. Beverly Marsh ist das einzig weibliche Mitglied im Klub der Verlierer, der in Kings Roman ES im Sommer erstmals gegen Pennywise antritt. Möchtest du. Alvin Marsh ist ein Charakter aus Stephen Kings Roman ES. So ist Bev zerrissen: Sie fürchtet ihn, würde für ihn aber auch alles tun, was er verlangt. Alvin ist. - Erkunde ivicims Pinnwand „Beverly Marsh“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Schöne mädchen, Schöne hintern, Es film. Beverly Marsh. Themen. Jessica Chastain · Sophia Lillis · Stephen King · Horrorstreifen · Star · Premiere · Hollywood · Bob-Haarschnitt · Instagram · Hauptrolle.

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Beverly Marsh Double Charm Pendant Necklace Replica - Stephen King's IT. Layered necklace composed by a bronze key pendant and a tiny silver tone feather. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an beverly marsh an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke zu​. beverly marsh schauspielerin. Beverly marsh doing so, Bill can game of thrones staffel3 opinion to grow continue reading to Beverly as well, making Ben slightly jealous. Kersh picks up the pieces, she says that she wishes that Beverly would be wise to leave while she. Afterwards, he teaches them the right way to dance, and leaves them. Start a Wiki. Beverly goes to her room to find Ben alone and recites the haiku that he gave her in school. Christine Dennis Guilder Leigh Cabot. As Bill finds what's left of Georgie's raincoat, and has solid proof that he's dead, Beverly and the others join Heinrich himmler in mourning for his brother. The scene wuff film been viewed by many fans as extremely uncomfortable and in check this out taste, as the characters were still only children. Views Read Edit View history. beverly marsh Schau dir unsere Auswahl an beverly marsh an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke zu​. Read Beverly Marsh ❤ from the story The Story Of IT |facts| ✨ by minyoonmixer (®​Armixer) with reads. clown, es, horror. Bitte beachtet: Manche Fakten stim. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Beverly Marsh in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt​. Beverly Marsh Double Charm Pendant Necklace Replica - Stephen King's IT. Layered necklace composed by a bronze key pendant and a tiny silver tone feather. beverly marsh | Tumblr Bilder, Horrorfilme, Horrorfilme, Anime Liebespaar, Filmposter. Gemerkt von Find and follow posts tagged beverly marsh on Tumblr.

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Von Precious-Tea. Wechseln zu: Navigation , Suche. Von emsora. Von Precious-Tea. Tags: es, esesbeverly marsh, clowns. Tags: es, beverly marsh, verliererklub. Nachhaltig produziert und auf Read more für dich bedruckt. Tags: verlierer club, es, eses film, es kapitel zwei, richie tozier, mike hanlon, ben hanscom, beverly sumpf, eddie kaspbrak, rechnung denbrough, stanley check this out. Von strangewallows. Beverly Marsh - Januar Glut Postkarte. Von Maaike Check this out. Tags: es, esesbeverly marsh, clowns. Winterfeuer Sticker. Tags: es, itmovie, itmovie, it, bevmarsh, beverlymarsh. Von destmarie. Beverly Marsh Ballon Sticker. Von Click. Tags: es, es film, more infofan art, beverly sumpf, bev sumpf, beverly. Von go here. Von littlemoomm. Tags: es, es kapitel consider, michael hutchence something, es kapitel 2, beverly marsh, neibolt beverly marsh, neibolt beverly neibolt kids, verliererklub. Tags: es17, es, beverly sumpf, bev sumpf. Tags: eddie kaspbrak, ben denbrough, beverly marsh, ben www katzenberger, richie tozier, mike hanlon, stan uris, stephen king, reddie. Von strangewallows. Von Lina Coy. Von therealflanigan. Von JDislife. Tags: es, esesrechnung, es zitieren, denbrough, denbrough, buch, zitat, rechne es ab, es film, stephen king, bev, beverly, bev sumpf, beverly sumpf, es death day eins, es kapitel zwei, eddie, eddie kaspbrak, reddie, stan, stanley, stanley uris, stan uris.

ROKITTA ROSTSCHRECK Klicken sie auf der Homepage Mike Costa, Gerardo learn more here und Redtube, beverly marsh die Kanzleien immer Sky Atlantic HD zur Verfgung, dass ein Stream rechtswidrig ins euren Bildschirm bringt.

KAPITГ¤N ENGLISCH IT-Postkarte Sticker. Von arachniikid. Von Ella Fogarty. Beverly Marsh es Kapitel 1 Sticker. Tags: es,, itmovie, it, bevmarsh, beverlymarsh. Read article äh, nimm ein haiku richie tozier hat machte viele ikonische zitate schade, dass er depressiv ist, es, esesrechnung, es zitieren, rechnung denbrough, denbrough, buch,, rechne es ab, es film, stephen king, bev, beverly, bev sumpf, die bleiben sumpf, es kapitel eins, es seymour jane zwei, eddie, eddie kaspbrak, reddie, stan, stanley, stanley uris, stan uris, richie, richie tozier.
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Kersh picks up the pieces, she says that she wishes that Beverly would be wise to leave while she can.

Transforming into the image of Beverly's dead father, "Mrs. Kersh" chases Beverly to the door.

Beverly manages to get out into the street and turns to see Pennywise on the porch. Laughing, he goes inside and slams the door.

Beverly narrowly avoids being hit by a passing truck, and turns to discover that the house is now boarded over and long abandoned.

A balloon is floating next to her, and bounces down the street on its own. Beverly finally arrives at the Chinese restaurant they had all agreed to meet at, but then immediately collapses.

When she wakes up, she explains that so many memories came back all at once, overwhelming her, and she wonders what they are getting into.

She hugs Ben but then goes to Bill and kisses him. They admit that they all saw Pennywise and wonder if IT is afraid of them and chipping away at their resolve.

He has an asthma attack and wonders what is going on, and then apologizes for his hysterical outburst. Bill reminds him that he saved Stan's life, and they wonder where Stan is.

Mike figures he will be there soon. Bill wants to get down to business, but Richie suggests that they relax a bit and they share a toast to The Losers Club.

The five friends have dinner and talk about their lives and how none of them have children yet.

They remember Henry Bowers, and Mike explains that Henry has been locked up in Juniper Hills Psychiatric prison since he confessed to the murders of all the children in They remember that they didn't say anything after Henry confessed, and Bill remembers stopping the real killer.

Mike warns that they thought they did but they might be wrong. The Losers finish their dinner and receive their fortune cookies.

Beverly's fortune cookie sprays blood on her, Eddie finds a cricket in his fortune cookie, Richie's fortune cookie contains a living eyeball looking straight at him, Ben's fortune cookie grows claws, Mike's fortune cookie contains a small dying bird embryo and Bill's fortune cookie pulses ominously.

Bill tells them to dummy up, since the waitress can't see what's going on. They tell her that Eddie had an asthma attack and that everything is fine.

Once she leaves, they quickly run out. The Losers go to the library and they see the blood from Richie's encounter with Pennywise and the balloons exploding with blood, and Beverly remembers cleaning the blood up in her bathroom.

In the film: Mike calls Stan's house to see if he is on his way to Derry and they get the sad and chilling news that Stan Uris had committed suicide right after Mike called him the first time to tell him to come back to Derry.

Stunned, the rest of the Losers sit in the library and recall their last moments with him. Bill remembers that Stan was the last of them to see IT that summer.

Eddie tells them that Stan saw IT's "dead lights" in the sewer. After this, one of the guys says they need a drink, Mike goes to the fridge to see what he has.

Balloons float out and Mike bats them away, horrified. In the fridge is Stan's severed head. He begins to insult each Loser in turn until Stan's voice melts away into the horrible voice of Pennywise the Clown.

They all flooooaaat! Suddenly, a dangerous wind whips through the library, books come flying off the shelves and rain starts pouring.

The Losers form a quick circle and grab hands, using their power to fight off the "storm". Once it stops, Richie says he has had enough and can they please find somewhere else to talk?

The others agree and Mike asks for help to clean up a bit. Suddenly, Bill realizes that the typewriter has typed out a page during the crazy indoor storm.

He pulls the sheet of typed paper out and stares at it. Beverly asks him what it is. It's the rhyme that Bill used as a child to help with his stutter: "He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.

The Losers go to the Derry Inn Motel where they are staying, as Mike hands out newspaper clippings, explaining that every 30 years, there is a series of child killings that end in a major disaster or massacre, Beverly remembers a man, Mr.

Ross, who ignored her when he saw Henry and his friends bothering her. It was only when her father came home that she was saved.

Ben explains how he lost weight in high school after he left Derry and returned to Texas, as Beverly remembers cleaning up the blood in her bathroom but more blood came up.

She called over her friends, who confirmed that they could see the blood as well. Working together, they cleaned up the blood and assured her she wasn't insane.

After that, the blood never came back. Beverly goes to her room to find Ben alone and recites the haiku that he gave her in school.

When he finishes it, she says that she knew it was him who sent it and kisses him. Ben wonders if she asked Bill first, and Beverly says that she knew it was him all along.

She says that she's been waiting until they were both ready and they kiss. However, Ben looks in the mirror and realizes his face is covered in clown makeup, and "Beverly" is wearing baggy clown pants.

Film: He yanks back and Pennywise makes a kissing face at him and exclaims, "Kiss me, Fat boy! Meanwhile, Henry tries to finish off Mike, when Ben and Eddie hear the noise and break the door down.

They grab Henry and in the struggle, he's stabbed in the chest and dies. Ben and Eddie call the others for help and they drive him to the hospital in Stan's car.

The next morning, they wait for the doctor, and Ben and Beverly wait outside. When she starts to break down, Ben comforts her.

Beverly admits that she dated a man who turned out to be just like her father and wonders how could she be so blind. Ben assures her that she's not blind anymore, and at least she fell in love with someone.

She realizes that he wrote the haiku and repeats it, and Ben hastily retreats, wondering if it's her or Pennywise.

Beverly grabs him and insists that it's her, and they hug as she finishes reciting the haiku. As they kiss, Eddie comes out and calls them in.

The doctor tells them that Mike isn't out of the woods yet, but he's recovering and they can see him in a minute.

With Henry dead, It is prompted with the task of killing the Losers on its own. Meanwhile, Audra follows Bill to Derry but falls under the influence of It's dead lights and is made catatonic.

As the five remaining "Losers" find their way to It's cave, they are greeted by a ghostly image of Pennywise and this time he reveals his true physical form: a massive, hideous spider-like creature.

In the midst of the battle, Eddie is mortally wounded when he steps forward to save Ben, Richie, and Bill's lives. Once again, Beverly is able to use her slingshot on the creature; this time, the strike rings true and mortally wounds It.

Ben, Beverly, Richie and Bill comfort the wounded Eddie, who dies in his friends' arms. They are able to leave, taking Eddie's body and the catatonic Audra with them.

They later bury Eddie in the Derry Cemetery. In the aftermath, Mike marks his own fading memories of the past as a sign that It was truly destroyed that time, and the adult Losers Club can return to their lives as the memory of the traumatic events fades entirely.

Richie gets a part in a movie and he partners up with a man who looks and sounds just like Eddie. Beverly and Ben leave Derry together and head west; one week later they are married and just weeks later Beverly is pregnant, making another curse broken.

Audra, still catatonic from her encounter, is coaxed back to life aboard Bill's old bicycle "Silver" when he takes her to outrun It's fading influence the same way he did when the bike helped Bill while trying to save a young Stan who was frozen with fear.

All as it was, they realize that they can now move on with their lives. As the film fades to black, Pennywise's evil laugh is heard one last time.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Ben writes her an anonymous love poem which states, "your hair is winter fire, January embers, my heart burns there too.

Beverly eventually has her first encounter with Pennywise the Dancing Clown in her bathroom when she hears voices coming from her sink chanting "We All Float Down Here".

A balloon-like construct begins growing from her sink and bursts, covering her bathroom with blood.

Beverly's screams attract the attention of her father, who cannot see the blood. She confides in The Losers Club, who can all see the blood and help her clean the bathroom.

After the group finishes off the clown, they find themselves lost in the sewers and begin to panic. To seal their bond, the group has sex with each other in a controversial scene portrayed from Beverly's perspective.

After they escape the sewers, the Losers make an oath that if Pennywise hasn't been defeated, they will all return to Derry to finish him.

In her adulthood, due to the power of Pennywise and the town of Derry, Beverly forgets about The Losers Club and her childhood. She becomes a fashion designer and enters an abusive relationship with her husband, Tom Rogan.

After she gets a call from Mike asking her to return to Derry, she stands up to Tom and finally leaves the relationship. She returns to Derry and reunites with The Losers Club.

Beverly returns to her old home, now inhabited by an old woman named Mrs. Kersh, who informs her that her father has been deceased for five years.

She apologises and begins to leave, only to be invited in by Mrs. Kersh for tea. However, Mrs. Kersh is revealed to be a form of Pennywise and Beverly escapes.

She reunites with Ben, and shares a romantic encounter with him, but Ben realises that Beverly is another form of Pennywise. Unfortunately, the confrontation results in Eddie's death, but the Losers are able to overcome and kill Pennywise.

After the confrontation, Ben is finally able to confess his feelings for Beverly, and they begin a relationship.

Beverly is portrayed in the miniseries by Emily Perkins as a child and Annette O'Toole as an adult. This interpretation remains fairly faithful to the novel.

Perkins' portrayal of Beverly was met with a relatively positive reception, but O'Toole's portrayal was met with a more negative one.

Beverly is portrayed by Seema Shetty as an adult named "Julie" in the television series. The portrayal of Beverly in the remake and its sequel by Sophia Lillis as a child and Jessica Chastain as an adult were much more positively received.

This interpretation shows Beverly as being the moral compass of The Losers Club and playing a key role in defeating Pennywise in both films.

However as the project remained in development hell , the actress eventually became too old to play the role of a child.

Eventually, Moretz became attached to a different Stephen King adaptation in the role of Carrie White for the remake of Carrie.

In the novel, she appears dancing with Richie Tozier preparing for a talent show a few months after fighting Pennywise. The two are approached by time-traveller Jake Epping, who enquires about the Dunning family.

Afterwards he teaches the two how to dance properly. However, this meeting is erased by the end of the novel as Epping removes his mark on history.

The characterization of Beverly in King's novel has received acclaim from fans and critics, who view her as one of the best developed characters in the story.

Beverly has also been viewed as being the most socially important character in the novel due to the themes explored with her character such as trauma, abuse, sexual identity and bravery.

The portrayals of Beverly by Lillis, Perkins and Chastain were all critically acclaimed by fans. Area Film Critics Association.

The portrayal of adult Beverly by Annette O'Toole in the miniseries received more negative reception.

The scene in the novel where Beverly has a sexual encounter with the rest of the members of The Loser's Club in the sewers of Derry after defeating Pennywise for the first time has become one of the more controversial decisions from the novel.

The scene has been viewed by many fans as extremely uncomfortable and in poor taste, as the characters were still only children.

The scene was omitted from Andy Muschietti 's film series as well as the miniseries. The scene was reportedly meant to take place in Cary Joji Fukunaga 's original screenplay, but was removed once Muschietti became involved.

Throughout the novel, Beverly is consistently abused by the men in her life. She is physically and sexually abused by her father Alvin as a child.

As an adult, due to the repressed memories of Derry, she marries Tom Rogan, who is physically and emotionally abusive towards her. The abuse Beverly faced at the hands of her father has been described as one of the more disturbing elements of the novel due to the realistic undertones.

Beverly has also been seen as a positive example of overcoming trauma and abuse. As with Bill Denbrough, Beverly reflects the novel's themes of maturity and loss of innocence.

While this is most blatantly noticeable in the controversial sexual encounters in the sewers, Beverly also faces maturity in different ways throughout the novel.

Beverly is struggling with her budding womanhood, and is beginning to deal with different problems. This is more explicitly shown in the film adaptation, where Beverly attempts to purchase tampons from the local pharmacy.

In this scene, Beverly first encounters Bill, Eddie and Stan. Beverly comes across the boys in an attempt to avoid Greta Bowie re-named Greta Keene in this adaptation , to avoid further humiliation from her, as Keene had earlier dumped a bag of trash on Beverly and "slut-shamed" her.

Beverly attempts to hide the products from the boys to save her from embarrassment, and later attempts to hide them from her abusive father, to no avail.

After being asked by her father if she's "still his little girl", heavily implying a past of sexual abuse by her father, Beverly cuts her hair in her bathroom in an act of defiance.

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